We Are Multipliers – Turkey


Programme & action: ERASMUS+, Key Action 1: Training course

Venue: Istanbul, Turkey

Dates: 21-30 January 2016

Participants: Eva Janečková, Lada Matyášová, Lukáš Dumský, Ivana Červenková

Please read the info-pack a daily activities schedule

Participating countries: Denmark, Turkey, Estonia, Slovakia, Latvia, Poland, Spain, Hungary, United Kingdom and Czech Republic

Hosting organisation: Environment Development Association

Project report:

International training course for leaders of young people was held in beautiful Istanbul for ten days between 21st and 30th January 2016 from all over the Europe (Denmark, Turkey, Estonia, Slovakia, Latvia, Poland, Spain, Hungary, United Kingdom and Czech Republic). The goal of the project was to improve competences of participants as such a working with different target groups, understanding the concept of intercultural learning, developing personal learning process (LLL & L2L) in the context of non-formal learning in a frame of multiplying and spreading the results of their own work and future projects.

The beginning of the project was more theoretical, so we (tried to) learned all our names among such a big group, we discover hotel Marnas and its surroundings by Mission: Impossible tasks, we build a team from us and let us know each other more from personal and even professional point of view. In the middle the focus was concentrated to Erasmus+ programme, how it works, who can apply, what are Key competences and YouthPass. We also spoke more about needs and opportunities for young people in their own self-development even as in ours. As well we went deeper into the topic so we push ourselves into communication development tasks, into rhetoric tasks and as well into public speaking.  Beside that constantly happened intercultural learning, through cultural nights with videos, presentations, dances, food and drinks, and through much more sophisticated activities like analysing a movie Shooting dogs and discussing about stereotypes, prejudices  and violence issues. And at the end we put everything into practice, we had a breakfast with the mayor of Küçükçekmece region (they have more than 5 million inhabitants in this part of Istanbul and over 800 000 young people, so shared with us his opinion about working with them from a government point of view) and we visited two different culture centres and even an university, where we have an opportunity to lead a workshop with students about Erasmus+ and our project. And of course, we have a plenty of time meanwhile to explore such a wonderful, exotic and great city of Istanbul with its Blue mosque, Hagia Sophia, Galata tower, Grand bazaar or plenty of hamams (spas) and tea houses.

It was lovely project, with great people, where we shared our practice, get some knowledge about multiplying, learned new methods and techniques in work with youth field and as well to get inspired for our future work at the projects or even at home as volunteers in our cities or towns. Thanks to DiO Denmark and Mavi Istanbul for realising, it was pleasure to be there.  

Lada Matyášová

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