With Your Body – France


Programme & action: ERASMUS+, Key Action 1: training course

Dates: 8—20 May 2022

Venue: St Gaudens (100km from Toulouse), France

Number of participants: 4

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Hostiting organisation: SolAfrika

Participating countries:  France, Estonia, Macedonia, Czech Republic, Romania, Cyprus, Georgia and Poland

Project description:

What you’re going into…
The idea of this training course originates in other TC which took place in 2016 and 2017 and which were centered on a reflection around the body, its place in society and the physical, creative and expressive abilities it possesses, relying on contemporary dance/body language as a tool.

The good results of these TC and the enthusiasm and competences of certain participants and trainers made us want to go further in exploring the artistic, physical and collective possibilities offered by the human body, its movements and sounds, the link this has with our ability to manage our emotions, and pedagogical techniques linked to those practices, also in the frame of work with an audience knowing difficulties in this matter (traumas, disability…).

The practice of dance-theater, a discipline mixing contemporary dance and theater, will be the main tool of the realization of the objectives of this TC, although other practice, as psychomotricity, will be approached.

It is intended for people of any ages and genders (of course :-)), who are working/active/willing to work or to be active one day in the youth or the social field and are interested and motivated to improve their competences and enrich their practice and personal life with artistic, physical, cultural and pedagogical competences.

Our Aim:
This training course is aimed at youth and social workers – disabled or valid, disadvantaged or not – of all Europe. It wants to give them familiarity with the artistic use of their bodies in different situations, and the ability to work on its relation to emotions. 11 days of workshops should allow them to acquire enough tools to use with the audience they work with.

Participative methods will be used. The workshops will be done in groups and will be complemented with theory, debates, collective games and exchanges with the trainers and between the participants on the topic of the TC. Participants will have to facilitate activities with people outside the training. They will be
encouraged to take initiatives and to show creativity and they will be very active in the learning process.

Everyday life tasks will be realised in a collective and healthy way, which will also help to build the group dynamic and incite the participants to autonomy.


  • contemporary dance, discovery and introduction workshop
  • theater, discovery and introduction workshop
  • dance and theater creation workshop, approaching the body and emotion relation
  • theoretical contribution about contemporary dance and theater (artists, history…)
  • attending a contemporary dance/theater performance
  • psychomotor workshop/ debates and reflexion about inclusion of persons with difficulties in the youth/social workers practice
  • preparation and facilitation of a dance/theater workshop aimed at children/teenagers, disadvantaged or not, disabled or valid
  • creation of a photo gallery to rely on for the dissemination of the project and recap the competences of the participants
  • individual and collective evaluation

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