Break the Silence – Turkey


Programme & action: ERASMUS+, Key Action 1: youth exchange

Venue: Elâzığ, Eastern Anatolia, Turkey

Dates: 31 March – 6 April 2016

Participants: Adéla Kalusová, Michaela Kráčalíková, Hana Pazderová, Michaela Pácaltová, Eliška Klučková, Martin Přibyl, Klára Jůnová, Martin Paško

Group leader: Marek Lapka

Please read the info-pack

Participant’s fee: €20/participant

Participating countries: Turkey, Lithuania, Bulgaria, Czech Republic

Hosting organisation: Dunya Genclik Grubu

Project report: 

Turkiyeye hoş geldinizWelcome in Turkey! First, forget on you´re typical „europien“ habits, because now you are in Elazig. It means in asian part of Turkey, where live Kurdish people. But let’s focus on the reason, why was I there and the reason was our project Break the Silence. Project started at 31th March and ended 6th April.  Apart from the group from the Czech republic, there were also people from Bulgaria, Lithuania and Turkey. All of us were really excited about the main topic of our project. It was domestic violence.

Thanks to our organization from Bulgary – Nana and Konstantin we did so many activites which helped us to get know better each other. First day we did a lot of activities which helped us with comunication with each other and with cooperate. This skills were later really useful for each of us. Next days we started to focus more about domestic violence. Our organizer prepared for us prezentation about that problem and after that we worked in teams on our prezentation about domestic violence in our country. After that it was really interesting to know and compare our country with anothers.

Otherwise we were together on the top of Elazig – Harput. It is a nice place with amazing view on Elazig, with some markets and strenght Harput which has white colour. Do you know why? Because before long time ago when people built that strenght they had problems with water in this area. So they put there milk and that´s the reason why is Harput so white.

After than we were in government build of Social welfare office and we were listening prezentation about domestic violence and youth homes in Turkey. After than we were together in traditional market in Elazig and some of us visited mosque.

This project was special. Sometimes I felt like „Alice in Wonderland“ (turkish toilets, traditional food or tea houses) but we had really good friends from Turkey who helped us. Friendship between teams were better and better and during our week in Elazig we created interesting photos, castles, theater scene etc. For almost everybody of us it was first young exchange and it was just beginning. Now, when we are back home we can try to use new ideas in our lifes. We can start to think differently about domestic violence than before and try to talk more about this problem. Everything is up to us!

In conclusion I want to say THANK YOU EYCB! And I wish more and more sensational project like Break the Silence!!


Adéla Kalusová

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