WWW — We Willing Women — Italy


Programme and action: Youth in Action programme, action 3.1. training course

Venue: Reggio Calabria, Italy


Date: 17-24 September 2013

Participants: Michaela Němečková, Nikol Škorpíková 

Participating countries: Italy, Spain, Lithuania, Latvia, Estonia, Serbia, Arzebaijan, Poland, Czech Republic, Romania and Ukraine.


Project report

Benvenuto in Italy! Project about women rights and future role for women was held in Reggio di Calabira from 17-24.9.2013. Me and one other girl from the Czech Republic were so excited to find out more information about this issue from people of other european countries. There were young people from Azerbaijan, Estonia, Lithuania, Italy,Ukraine, Latwia, Poland, Spain and the Czech Republic.

We had very nice and friendly trainer called Silvia and 4 asisstents of hers. We had very well prepared program, every task has itself meaning and it was constructed in order. We worked in little groups of 4 people top and we were changing those groups. To make program more diverse we played frozen theatre, normal theatre, we went to local University and one day we visited Sicily.

We were dealing with problems of every each country.Therefore I found out that Czech Republic has problém only in career field, on the other hand people in Azerbaijan are dealing with young marriages e.g. girl in the age of 14 have arranged marriages. Women in Italy are often abused by sexual harasment and women in Poland cannot get abortion. 

To sum up, I am very glad to be part of this amazing project. It was inspirating and motivating to do something more. I wish to support women in every aspect of life. Thank you EYCB for this opportunity!


Nikol Škorpíková

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