YMCA — Youth Mix Culture Adventure — Romania


Programme & action: ERASMUS+, Key Action 1: Training Course

Venue: Sfantu Gheorghe, Romania

Dates: 2-10 December 2017

Participants: Tatiana Kováčová, Aneta Juřičková, Michal Kolman

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Participating countries: Czech Republic, Hungary, Greece, Spain, Turkey, Estonia, Italy, France, Norway, Malta, Czech Republic, Latvia, Romania

Hosting organisation: Asociatia Clubul Tinerilor din Sf. Gheorghe – Szentgyorgyi Ifjusagi Klub – SZIK

Project report: 

A training course organized in Romanian city of Sfantu Gheorghe took place between 2.12-10.12. 2017, about 200 kilometers from Bucharest, and the theme of the training course was YMCA: Youth Mix Culture Adventure. Fourty participants from Hungary, Greece, Spain, Turkey, Estonia, Italy, France, Norway, Malta, Czech Republic, Latvia and home-made Romania joined the project, and a very experienced and friendly coach Endre from Romania provided us a lot of information. A chief of the project Ágota set up for us a great week full of all the information, excercises, lectures and games, which were definitely for the benefit of all. We were accommodated in the hostel situated in the centre of Sfantu Gheorghe in rooms for 3-4 people and the accommodation was very pleasant and food was good. Breakfast, lunch and dinner went to a local cultural center where food and coffee was always prepared for us and one time they took us to local restaurant where we had the opportunity to taste Romanian pizza.

The whole week of the project took place at the cultural center in the centre of Sfantu Gheorghe just a few steps from the hostel. The first day of the project was the official opening of the training course, which was aimed at introducing all participants of the project, aim and  objectives of the TC Programme and methods of the TC Learning needs, Erasmus+ programme and Youthpass introduction. The evening was about the intercultural night program where every nation presented mostly their food and drink but some of the participants danced their own national dance. Every day we had different “energizer games” for cheer the group up, for example we played hugging contest or we were dancing according to a leader and if the man among us guessed right who the leader was, he changed his place and the situation repeated. It was fun.

The second day of the project was focused on cultural identity and intercultural differencies. I learnt about other people’s life, their habits and the traditions of their country. The third day was about working with different intercultural teams using cooperative learning techniques. We also presented how we work in our country with refugees, migrants, foreign, or young people coming home from different countries. The fourth day was aimed on values, norms and emotions. We drew our personal iceberg which was particularly visible with characteristics everybody can notice on the first sight and particularly hidden under the sea with values, opinions and characteristics most people don’t know about us. We had a free afternoon so we made a trip to Brasov just about 30 kilometers from Sfantu Gheorghe and we explored the most interesting monuments and the main square where Christmas markets were situated and a big concert took place. It was very amazing city. On the fifth day we were invited to Sfantu Gheorghe City hall where local statesmen told us something about history of Romania, their city, their political system and their present situation about migration problem. Also we played some team games which were aimed to group cooperation. The sixth day was about social stigmas, stereotypes and prejudices. We learned about where the perceptions come from. In the evening we went to local pub in the city where we played board games. The seventh day was aimed on partnership through Erasmus+ programme. We got contacts on people who we may like to see again and work in the future. We wrote the final evaluation and in the evening we attended the farewell party. Everybody got a diploma about completion of the training course and then people were dancing and having fun.


I would very much like to thank all members of the project for their opportunity to participate in their training course and for the interesting content, good accommodation, food and a trip to Brasov and other participants for the great atmosphere. I also thank EYCB for this great opportunity to attend project YMCA : Youth Mix Culture Adventure.

Michal Kolman

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