Arts Community Environment — Montenegro


Date: 14-22 March 2013

Venue: Bar, Montenegro

Pax: Martin Tlučhoř, Alena Hrabětová, Zuzana Hejtmánková

Programme and action: Youth in Action programme, action 3.1. training course

Project report:

Martin, Zuzana and me participated in the training course  ARTS, COMMUNITY and ENVIRONMENT in Montenegro for one week  in March. Our 30–hour trip started at the Central Station in Prague. At the next stop, Budapest we were supposed to meet with a Polish group that had contacted us a few days before. We met there and traveled together: night train to Belgrade, Serbia and in the morning the last part of the journey, an 11-hour long railroad, with 250 tunels and stunning views of montenegrian mountains and valleys to Bar. We arrived, get the accommodation and the programme started.

The schedule of the training course was following: we used to start at 9,30 and finish at 19,00 with 2 coffe breaks and a lunch break. After the first part that concentrated on getting to know each other and some kind of team building we focused on the theme: how can art actions or instalations promote the environmental awarness. Researching the city of Bar we realized that the biggest issue is the trash, in the way that is for people from Czech republic really surprising – not only that people do not recycle, but in fact the habit to put the trash in bins, not just all around or drop it wherever it is most comfortable , is missing.

We studied and discussed environmental issues in our countries, examples of good practice with the main purpose – to organize one–day long street action in Bar.

Ideas just raised from the feelings and impressions we had from the city. We divided into groups and started to detailing our ideas: installations made of tyres and garbage on the beach, flowerpots from plasticbottles, invisible theatre and dance show.

Than a free afternoon followed, we got to know the Old Bar with it fortress and we got ready for the next day.

Not enough tyres to make what we wanted, an angry dustman, some problems with music…but finally with some improvisation everything turned right and you can see some of the products of the actions on the pictures.

All in all, it has been a nice experience, learning and having fun in the same time , getting to know people from other European copuntries and trying to contribute just a little bit to the solution of the environmental issues of Montenegro.

Alena Hrabětová

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