Conflict Resolution in Practice – Ukraine


Programme & action: ERASMUS+, Key Action 1: Training course

Venue: Sumy, Ukraine

Dates: 15-23 October 2015

Participants: Barbora Kořánová, Jana Cenková, Jakub Weiner

Please read the info-pack.

Hosting organisationCenter for European Initiatives

Participating countries: Czech Republic, Ukraine, Belarus, Denmark, Georgia, Moldova, Spain, Sweden

Project report:

During Thursday and Friday we, three Czech participants along with representants of Ukraine, Georgia Denmark, Sweden, Spain and Moldova, gathered in Sumy, beautiful city in the North of Ukraine. We spent the first evening and almost all second day becoming familiar among us as well as with our organisators. However the process of getting to know new things continued until the very end of our training course. People (be it us, volunteers or locals), the city during both night and day and above all profounding our knowledge about the main topic “Peaceful conflict resolution”. 

After the introductory ice-breakers and energisers we experienced series of lectures, debates, games  often containing a hidden twist plot, riddles with solutions such that they can be figured out only by thinking out of the box. We had shared our opinions on various topics, occasionally very strong ones, defined what the word conflict signified and soon after what peace means for us. The concept of non-violent communication has been introduced to us, we got to see (and taste) a fragment of other cultures during the intercultural night.

Furthermore we introduced an exhibition of photographs taken by us the previous day. Photographs of people answering question: “When is the last time you were happy?”

In fact, we managed to do so many things, that it can not fit into single project report. 

All in all we were following a quite busy schedule and did not waste a minute of our Ukrainian time.

For me (and I believe that for many others, too) this project fulfilled played not only informative and friendship-making role but it was also greatly inspiring. Moreover it was a strong push towards taking an action.

In any case, what remains cristal clear is, that memories from this prolonged week will stay with us for a pretty long time. Guys, I hope we will meet again! My big peaceful family, I already miss you! Keep being the way you are, because you are great!


Barbora Kořánová

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