@CTIVATE — Turkey


Programme: ERASMUS+, Key Action 1: youth exchange

Venue: Fethiye, Turkey

Youth exchange dates: 18—27 June 2022.

APV (= advance planning visit): 1—4 June 2022.  APV was attended by the group leader.

Please read the info-pack

This is youth exchange is a second mobility of a multi-phase project. You can read more about the 1st part (training course) which took place in the UK in February 2022 here.

Hosting organisation: Center for Innovative Approaches

Czech team: Marek Pleva (GL, APV), Tomáš Bárta, Adam Bubík, Jiří Šťourač, Timoteus Pospíšil

Project report: 

The project called @ctivate took place from 18th to 27th March 2022 in Turkey in the beautiful coastal tourist town of Fethiye. 40 people (5 from each country) participated in the event. There were participants from Georgia, Poland, Czech Republic, Lithuania, Turkey, Ukraine, UK and Armenia

The project was aimed at increasing the competences of youth workers to gain their active participation, especially in the online world. Individual activities tended to focus on media literacy, the ability to work in an international team, developing workshops and media campaigns, learning about the opportunities offered by Erasmus+ and project management. The organisers have structured the project so that the individual participants, divided by country, create their own workshops and lectures. The Czech team created an educational workshop on fake news and a polka dance lesson.

The whole project was perfectly prepared, the trainers/organizers were extremely inspiring and experienced. However, the participants themselves turned out to be so unique that I gained a lot of new experience and knowledge from them. Although the schedule was relatively free and the organizers allowed us to change the schedule, if necessary, the workshops and activities themselves were so interesting that I was able to be very productive and engaged in my work. All the activities were different from each other, and I always learned something new from them. The different countries always prepared very different and creative ways to transmit culture and experience to others. The organizers gave us a lot of free time to explore the beautiful Fethiye and swim in the sea. There was also a jeep ride and then a rafting trip down the river. One of the best activities then was the boat trip where we sailed all day at sea.

Even in such a short time this project has given me a huge experience and new knowledge. Not only did I improve my English language skills through regular discussions with the other participants, but I also learned the perspective of people from different countries on issues that concern us all. All the participants were friendly and I will miss their presence.

I would like to thank the organizers of the project who gave me the experience of a lifetime, Jana Parolková for her excellent coordination, the sending organization EYCB for allowing me to participate and last but not least the amazing participants who made this project so great! 

                                                                                                                                                       Marek Pleva

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