@CTIVATE — Turkey


Programme: ERASMUS+, Key Action 1: youth exchange

Venue: Fethiye, Turkey

Youth exchange dates: 18—27 June 2022.

APV (= advance planning visit): 1—4 June 2022.  APV will be attended by the group leader.

National team size: 4 partipants (aged 18-30)+ 1 group leader (aged 18+,)

Please read the info-pack

This is youth exchange is a second mobility of a multi-phase project. You can read more about the 1st part (training course) which took place in the UK in February 2022 here.

Hosting organisation: Center for Innovative Approaches

Project description:

The project is focused at raising competences of youth workers to activate participation of youth online and to work directly with youth empowerment in order to provide multiplication and sustainability.

The objectives of the youth exchange are:
1. to create the space for them to meet together to exchange the experience and practices they have in their countries and
communities on online participation and online activism, – to learn from each other,
2. to build up connections with young people from other countries.
3. to create possibility for the participants of the training course to practice themselves in the roles of group leaders of their country groups, facilitators of intercultural groups and organizers of an international youth exchange.
4. to create a recognition for youth participation of local youth and encouragement to become an active multipliers among their

Participants’ profile:

The call is open to any one. You do not need to be student in order to participate in Erasmus+ mobility. However, you should fulfill the following requirements.

Profile of participants:
➢ Young people
➢ Volunteers
➢ Youth leaders

Age: 18 – 30 Years old
Language: English.
Priority will be given to participants with fewer opportunities.

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