Dive into Diversity — Promote Inclusion — Serbia


Programme & action: ERASMUS+, Key Action 1: Training course

Venue: Topola, Serbia

Dates: 7-15 December 2018

Participants: Nikola Šafránková, Tereza Kábelová

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Hosting organisation: Zentralrat der Serben in Deutschland e.V.

Project report: 

This month I had an opportunity to attend a great training course called “Dive into Diversity – Promote Inclusion”. The project was held in a small town Topola in Serbia from 8 until 15 December 2018. The course involved 14 participants from 7 countries (Croatia, Serbia, Poland, Lithuania, Portugal, the Czech Republic and Bulgaria).  I was representing Czech team together with another Czech girl.

The target group of this training course were youth workers and youth leaders. It aimed to equip youth workers with non-formal learning competences for promoting diversity and inclusion values among young people and fighting stereotypes and xenophobia among young Europeans. Furthermore, specific objectives were:
– strengthening knowledge and skills to promote and manage diversity in society
– to underline the role of Erasmus+ programs in the context of creating the idea of a diverse and multicultural European environments.

I believe all aims were achieved. During the training course each country got a chance to make a presentation about the situation in their country regarding the topics of Roma people, LGBT+ community, Refugees, people with Special Needs, Ethnic minorities and Religious minorities. The participants learned about the importance of human rights (not only) for these groups. Some of us also shared some personal stories, which brought us even closer considering the topic.

There were a lot of activities related not only with theoretical knowledge, but practical as well. For example, activities focused on the identity of the participants and writing our own project in groups.  Thanks to our amazing organizators, all participants felt really motivated and we gave our all into all workshops and tasks.

I can say that all the participants really enjoyed and greatly benefited from the project and are hoping to share the gained knowledge with their own communities.

Nikola Šafránková

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