EuroCircus: For the Unity of Young Europeans – France


Programme & action: ERASMUS+: Youth, Key Action 1: youth exchange

Dates: 2 —12 August 2021

Venue: Breteuil, France

Number of participants per national team: 10+2GL

Participants’ age limit: 14-17

Please read the info-pack. 

Participant’s fee: (collected by the hosting organisation): €50/participant

Hosting organisation: Centre Socioculturel de Breteuil

Participating countries:  France, Czech Republic, Portugal, Romania, Slovakia, Latvia

Project description:

The project involves bringing together a sixty young Europeans aged 14 to 17 and six different nationalities in France (Breteuil).

■Promoting active citizenship of young people in general and their European citizenship in particular
■Develop solidarity and promote tolerance among young people, especially for promoting social cohesion in the European Union

Tolerance means accepting and valuing differences between people, recognizing that these differences enrich us. United in diversity…

Circus will be the main activity of the exchange. It allows young people to exchange ideas, cultural differences and tolerance, trust, without speak the same language.

A representation will enhance their involvement to this project and to share with a wider audience the results of their creation.

Other activities will be proposed to promote the exchange and development among young people (out of Paris, Parc Astérix, Amiens, etc.). The Europe Direct Information Centre host games, will offer exhibitions to discover Europe and citizenship, encourage debate.

International evenings allow to discover the culture and traditions of nationalities.
Accommodation will be in a boarding school with catering on site. For the circus workshop there will be 6 groups of 10 young people (mixed) and 2 leaders. Circus workshops will take place under a real circus tent and supervised by professionals.

Main activities:

The main activity of the exchange is the « Circus ». The circus workshops will take place under a circus tent set up outside the youth center (300m on foot).

The young people will be divided into 6 groups of 10 throughout the duration of the exchange. They can choose and practice one or two disciplines:

  • aerial circus : chinese pôles, trapeze
  • acrobatics : mini trampoline, acrobatics on the ground, acrobatics feats
  • balance on the object : monocycle, balance wire, circus ball, rolla bolla, stilt
  • actor games

    Mainly for GL attention: Circus workshops will be offered every day for a half day. The other times must be filled by activities offered by the leaders. It’s therefore essential that the leaders reflect on activities that they can propose. Equipment can be made available on request.

Excursions (covered by the project grant = free)
Excursions and visits are also offered to promote exchanges between young people and discover the heritage:

  • Paris (Louvre museum, « bateau-mouche », free time in the capital)
  • Amiens (municipal circus, Jules Verne house)
  • In Breteuil : swimming pool, archeologig museum
  • Parc Asterix (amusement park)

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