Extremism?! No, Thanks! – Armenia


Programme & action: ERASMUS+, Key Action 1: Training Course

Venue: Yerevan, Armenia

Dates:  23-30 August 2016

Participants: Kristýna Liptáková, Šimon Doseděl

Please read the info-pack.

Participating countries: Armenia, Belarus, Croatia, Czech Republic, Italy, Georgia, FYR Macedonia Lithuania, Moldova, Poland, Russian Federation, Sweden, Turkey, Ukraine and United Kingdom

Hosting organisation: International Youth to Youth Initiative (Y2Y) a Armenian Progressive Youth (APY)

Project report:

I am really thankful I could participate in the project Extremism? No, Thanks! in the capital city of Armenia, Yerevan. There were mostly two participants from 15 countries which helped us to comunicate only in English. 

First of all I have to appreciate perfect trainers team. Each of them shared with us knowledges, all of them were very inspiring personalities both in a proffesional way and private life. Training course was divided in two parts every day. Theoretical and practical where we learnt especially how to work in team, how to achieve agreement in one group, how to reach our common goal and not disregard interests of all participants. We practiced public speech, we had to deffend our opinions and we could realize our mistakes which is necessary for our future proffesions. 

The training course was based mainly in team conversation which was the most seminal aspect. It was great example of how could work Non formal Education for children and students from the begining of their growth. We learnt how to cooperate and easily find solutions. 

To realize our mistakes during the activities helped me to think about what I could change. Now I am motivated to grow and learn more. This is why I consider this project very effective not just because of the topic but especially because of personal development.

We met in the Training Course very active people from NGOs which can connect us in future projects or work.

Daily program was really busy and when we had deeper conversation we had to stop because of schedule what was the only negative point. During the free afternoon the trainers they took us to Medieval Monastery Complex, Temple of Garni and we had traditional Armenian dinner. We could see how local women prepared lavash, Armenian bread and try to prepare typical products.

We had nice accommodation with delicious food for vegetarians and even for vegans what was nice surprise for many of us.

I would highly recommend participation in any project of Armenian Progressive Youth, Youth to Youth Initiative and perfectly orginised projects of ECMB.

Kristýna Liptáková

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