#GetUpStandUp — Italy


Programme: Europe for Citizens, Strand 1 “European Remembrance”, Training Course

Venue: Marina Serra di Tricase, Puglia, Italy

Dates: 3-9 June 2019

Participants: Jan Váša, Pavol Šimon

Host organisation: Fattoria Pugliese Diffusa

Participating countries: Cyprus, the Czech Republic, Greece, Germany, Italy

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Project report: 

Ciao. Welcome to Puglia, region which takes place in southern part of Italy, where you can find nice, friendly and helpful people which will help you with everything in order to create the opportunity for you to explore this hostile region. It was my pleasure to travel to Italy (Marina Serra, Puglia) with my friend on the 3rd of June. We were excited about the #GetUpStandUp project’s 1st training course that ended on the 9th of June. There were various numbers of people from each country: the Cyprus, Czech Republic, Greece, Germany, hosting country Italy and Poland.

Evangelista, as organizer of this training course decided that this course will take place in Marina Serra, which is very nice village, mostly without shops which means that it provides you the best opportunity to have various free discussions near the sea without any rush around. Most of the activities took place in Celacanto (it is name of prehistorical fish, which is still alive), the non-profit organization, which tries to participate in projects which supports prevention before violation of human rights. It created nice atmosphere, and everybody was always looking forward with what activity will Bastien come up. Bastien was our coach, who were very funny, clever and had perfect ideas connected to protection of human rights in parts of the world in which it is not matter of course.

We were dealing for example with all kinds of violations of human right, how to prevent these horrible behaviors in some parts of the world. At the beginning of course every organization presented its results of public intervention. Afterwards we had every day opportunity to discuss with someone from non-profit organization which focuses on global problems of violation of human right. We were talking about these issues from different points of view like environmental view, healthcare, gender, children, migration but few days we were focused on the work of local organization focused on production of tomato sauce, through which they try to fight against uneven conditions of field workers in this region. We also visited Nardó, where is ghetto, and are some people working on fields nearly as slavers, but nowadays it is luckily getting better and hopefully with help of government it will get better.

These presentations and discussions allowed us to practice English and move our level a little bit higher.

Considering it all in all, this project had something special, but according to the theme of human rights, it will not be never enough, because it should be the essential right for everyone, but in real life, it is, unfortunately, not like that.

To sum it up, if there is no EYCB as the great group allowing a lot of people to do amazing things EYCB would have to be invented! Thank a lot every single person allowing these projects to happen! 

Pavol Šimon

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