Let’s Do Democracy – Turkey


Programme & action: ERASMUS+, Key Action 1: contact making seminar

Venue: Antalya, Turkey

Dates: 22-28 February 2016 

Participants: Veronika Svobodová, Kristýna Veselková

Please read the info-pack and daily activities schedule

Participating countries: Belarus, Bulgaria, Czech Republic, Italy, Latvia, Lithuania, Egypt, Romania, Slovakia, Spain, Jordan, Azerbaijan, Morocco

Hosting organisation: Aktivist Genclik Grubu

Project report:

Six wonderful days of ,,Let´s do democracy“ project passed so far and I have to admit that it was hard to leave. Antalya is a wonderful place surrounded by sunny beaches (even in February!), nice people, great food and a pleasant humidity of the air. Together with an amazing group consisting of people from 14 countries, we created this unforgettable international experience.

Thanks to our organizers, Serdar and Kevsar, who made the project easygoing, enjoyable, friendly and professional at the same time. During the various activities, such as energizers and meeting games, we got to know each other better. The project was followed with sessions regarding to youth policy and democracy topics which were very exciting, because the participants debated and talked from different perspectives and backgrounds, which has a great impact on mutual respect among participants and listening to each other. We discussed about human rights, principles, importance and understanding of democracy as well as about methodologies of education in youth field.     

Most importantly, introduction into principles of youth participation, information about planning implementation of Youth policy projects, creating space for building international partnerships and raising the knowledge about guidelines and rules of Key Action 3 were the core of the project. We became familiar with all of those topics during our sessions accompanied with fruitful discussions. In the last days of the seminar, we had an opportunity to work in groups and create a prospective future KA3 projects. We came up with various ideas, shared experience and practice and learned new approaches. By knowing and working closely together, we established a great friendships and cooperation and created a space for potential future partnerships together. 

Personally, this part of the project was the strongest for me. To be a part of international community; those young active people with inspiration and enthusiasm just created such a new motivation in me- in us. We shared and received those moments together during the whole project. Realizing that by going back home it doesn´t have to be the end, but the beginning instead! J


In the end, I would like to thank the EYCB group for letting me enjoy this experience. It was an honor for me to stand there as a representative of the whole great effort which has been – and always is achieved! J  

Nika Svobodová

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