Linking the Past with the Future — Portugal


Date: 29 August – 6 September 2010

Venue: Lisabon (Palmela), Portugal

Partner countries: Czech Republic, Spain, Romania,


Report: This youth exchange held near Lisbon, Portugal, brought together people from Spain, Czech
Republic, Romania and Portugal to discuss topics of sustainable development and healthy ways of
living in symbiosis with nature. Organized by experts from Ecolution, we had the perfect chance to learn every detail about ecological solutions for our world and much

The name of the youth exchange suggests our past as a great source of information and wisdom to learn
from and apply it accordingly in today’s world. In various workshops and discussions held in Bio Villa we dealt with topics of sustainability, permaculture, Gaia theory and also with problems and solutions for current world of money and power.

Bio Villa, as a great example of all the values presented, offered us plenty of practical examples how to use natural resources carefully and reasonably. After a great presentation and explanation of what raised beds are, we began with helping to create one. In short, raised bed is a very efficient natural
structure similar to a flower bed, but higher and significantly more sophisticated – offering plants more resources for a longer time with a lower water demand.

One evening, we went a bit uphill the national reservation to watch the astounding sunset over the surrounding landscape. We also used the opportunity to participate in wine festival held in a nearby situated historical town of Palmela.

After all, everyone was leaving the project with a great inner feeling for nature and understanding how important sustainable development is.

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