Photographs Talk Louder Than Words — Turkey


Venue: Turgutlu, Turkey

Date: 14-20 October 2012

Pax: Adam Johanides, Jakub Kuriál, Richard Stehlík, Klára Krchňáková, Pavlína Staňková (GL)

Programme and action: Youth in Action programme, Action 1.1. youth exchange

Project report:

Photographs talk louder than words, a Youth Exchange with 33 participants from 6 European countries: Turkey, Armenia, Azerbaijan, Ukraine, the Slovak Republic & Czech Republic.

The exchange took place between 14-20 October, in Turgutlu – Manisa, Turkey. This project was organised by „Hasan Ferdi Turgutlu T.E.M.L.“ We stayed in nice hotel Öğretmenevi with really great service, so we spent 6 great days in comfortable ambience. 

Everyone there was truly friendly, everyone wanted to talk with us like with his best friend, but unfortunately we met maybe 6 people there, who spoke English (including organizers :D).

The aim of the exchange was to enable youngsters from different cultures to work on a common topic: photography. It’s an art that crosses boundaries of languague and culture. During the project, we found out that photographs really talk louder than words. We worked in mixed groups, took some great photos in Turgutlu and in nearby countryside Cıkrıkcı, where we saw the real life of Turkey. 

We learned a lot about photography, built new friendships with interesting people and we could learn something new about other cultures. Maybe, the project will continue next year in Ukraine, I hope so, because it was great experience for me and I’ve got only the best memories from this project. 

Klára Krchňáková

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