UnderSTAND – online


Programme & action: ERASMUS+, Key Action 1: Training Course

Venue: online (Zoom)

TC dates: 5—13 February 2021

Czech participants: Pham Lan Phuong, Kateřina Pavlová, Van Anh Tranová

Host organisation: Innovation Office

Participating countries: Latvia, Lithuania, France, Czech Republic, Croatia, Hungary, Italy, Poland, Romania, Slovakia

For more information please read the info-pack. and created UnderSTANDbooklet.

Project report:

More than 40 participants from 10 countries of Europe were seeing each other everyday for 9 days. Like many other projects I have participated in before in person also from this online training I got new insights, had lots of fun but most importantly created new friendships across all the countries. 

We are different and we are aware of the diversity among the people. It’s what made us humans unique but it’s also well known that it’s a source of many conflicts. We have met together to explore interethnic conflicts, to gain new knowledge about different conflict styles and eventually gain conflict resolution skills. These capabilities are not only useful for every-day life but also necessary for youth workers and educators because it’s important to recognise our own prejudices, stereotypes and radicalisation in groups with different cultural backgrounds.

I was quite curious to see how much the digital project would change an experience and learning outcomes. The whole project happened online on Zoom. We connected from different corners of Europe and throughout all 9 days we were moving from one to another breakout rooms to discuss, to brainstorm, to collaborate and sometimes the online space get heated because of conflict situations. We had an opportunity to explore many digital tools which helps us to get through the topic. Energizers and icebreakers games helped to refresh our mind from the screen and homeworks on the topic made us reflect after a session. Sometimes we would complain that we didn’t have enough time for exchanging ideas in breakout rooms and sometimes it would feel like sitting in front of the computer for forever. These problems would have been avoided if we would had met in person. On the other hand, online projects provide some advantages as well. Daily evaluations were easier to display, everybody’s opinion could be read, handouts and documents are saved on FB group page so we can come back to them anytime we will need

And despite all the differences between people and digital barriers we have a common ground, we created new bridges and set up new seeds for the future.  We were eager to educate ourselves , gain new skills and help others. These are the aims of every youth worker.  As a result of group works we identify the needs and interests of focused groups and create project proposals and I hope that with a little luck and initiative of these great people some of them could be realized. The result of the training would be amplified and the impact would be multiplied. I am not regretting sitting in front of the computer for a total 27 hours at all. 🙂

                                                                                                                              Van Anh Tranová

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