UnderSTAND – online


Programme & action: ERASMUS+, Key Action 1: Training Course

Venue: online (Zoom)

TC dates: 5—13 February 2021

Participants: 8

Host organisation: Inovation Office

Participating countries: Latvia, Lithuania, France, Czech Republic, Croatia, Hungary, Italy, Poland, Romania, Slovakia

Please read the info-pack

Project info:

Organisational development goals set up by the outcomes of researches: We are planning 9 days online youth work activities based on the needs of our target groups through interethnic conflict resolution and mediation in order to prevent inter-ethnic conflict among young people with different cultural background and their radicalization.

We will organize 9 day youth online course in order to involve young people into intercultural teamwork and prevent radicalization and inter-ethnic conflict among young people with different cultural background in the following online camp.

In 9 days online event, we will define what inter-ethnic conflict is, how it happens and what are its causes, then to summarize and interpret roles, conflict styles and conflict approaches in inter-ethnic conflicts and conflicts in general.

As mediators, we will recognize own stereotypes and prejudices, and detect and identify personal conflict styles and illustrate skills of solving conflict using personal communication skills. We will demonstrate effective way of communicating that resolves conflict and practice different conflict resolution skill. We will gain experiences on research as a tool how it can help to analyze needs, expectations and possibilities of young people on participation within their local community in order to prevent any type of conflict situation among culturally di- verse young people. We will gain information and knowledge of Erasmus+ programme with special focus on international youth exchanges and Youthpass.

Project objectives:

General objectives of the project is to train youth workers, youth leaders who are directly working with diverse culturality young people e.g. refugees, migrants, minorities, marginalised young people, etc. being able to support the process of promoting sustainable local and global peace through understanding inter-ethnic conflicts.

Through this training, participants will broaden their intercultural sense, develop communication and conflict management skills and build an awareness of how com-munity problems can be approached and solved through youth work activities.

Learning objectives of the training course:
In the perspective of knowledge, learning objectives are:

  • to define what inter-ethnic conflict is, how it happens and what are its causes;
  • to summarize and interpret roles and conflict styles and conflict management in interethic conflicts;
  • to identify and later contrast personal behaviour regard to stereotypes, prejudices, feeling of empathy, tolerance and solidarity;
  • to solve communication barriers in conflicting situations and to demonstrate effective way of communicating that resolves conflict;
  • to interpret, analyze and describe and later produce a project proposal based on the comprehension of the research;
  • to apply the knowledge of inter-ethnic conflict in simulation or role-play and other similar activities;
  • to compare different conflict types in different given situations

Participants’ profile/who can participate?
✓ Youth workers, youth leaders who directly work with young people with different cultural backgrounds e.g. refugees, migrants, foreign kids, young people coming home from other countries, minorities, refugees, Roma young people, etc.
✓ Youth workers, youth leaders who have already run at least one international youth project experience, preferably youth exchange, or were already group leaders in youth exchange;
✓ Having organisational support to further cooperation
✓ Open to recognise own stereotypes and prejudices and work on these;
✓ Willing to adapt intercultural education into their youth work realities based on the needs of their target groups;
✓ Ready to take part in the whole on-line project via Zoom platform;
✓ To be able to communicate English language.

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