We Are Fighting Against Addiction – Turkey


Programme & action: ERASMUS+, Key Action 1: youth exchange

Venue: Adana, Turkey

Dates: 28 January – 3rd February 2016

Participants: Barbora Opletalová, Petra Rotková, Lucie Maturová, Alžběta Šubrtová, Monika Jakubčíková

Group leader: Petr Meloun (GL)

Please read the info-pack & daily activities schedule

Participating countries: Croatia, Czech Republic, Georgia, Azerbaijan, Macedonia

Hosting organisation: Group Mediterranean

Project report: 

I was told to write a reflection on a project called “We are fighting against addiction” I have attended in Adana in Turkey. I knew it will not be an easy task, it is very hard to explain the good moments you have in a concrete place with a concrete people. But I will try to do so.

We arrived after a bit long journey to the city, Adana. Our project leaders had already been there and waiting for us and they took us to our hotel. It was very pleased because we had been exhausted. And hungry, so they offered us to go with them to a traditional Turkish kebap. It was a great dinner full of salads and lamb meet, I really enjoyed it, tough I was going to be tired of it by the end of the week. We had a rest and god prepared for the next days.

We woke up full of excitement and energy for new things. A small walk gave us a good look at the city and the local people there. It was a beautiful weather that they. And it accompanied us whole time. I started to fall in love with Turkey.

The next day we started our activities. We gathered there from six different countries. Czech Republic, Croatia, Macedonia, Azerbaijan, Georgia and Turkey. Together about 40 people. First games for introducing and energizes gave us some work to do, because it’s hard to remember all the names but by the time flew we managed to do it by remembering the people’s personalities. We did a lot of stuff. Activities didn’t keep us bored, on the contrary, we were having fun by talking about a serious topic. We talked about different types of addiction, reasons and also possibilities how to solve it. My favourite activity we did, except all the energizes which are always fun, we went out to the part to talk with the people and ask them few questions about addiction. Some of them were very wise and interesting and made me think about what they had said. One of the days we visited the mayor of Adana. I couldn’t image I would ever meet a mayor of a 2 million city in my life, but there it was. Very official ceremony with a warm words been said.


To conclude my long speech here I want to say one. I will never forget. Those memories with those people I met and what we experienced together. I am very glad I was part of it and I would recommend it to everyone. Thank you for reading this and maybe I convinced you join too.If so, I am looking forward seeing you at one of the projects.

Alžběta Šubrtová

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