Youth Hands in Hands for Combating Drug and Substance Abuse — Germany


Programme & action: ERASMUS+: Youth, Structured dialogue

Venue: Frankfurt, Germany

Dates: 15-18 October 2018

Participants: Karolína Citavá, Karolína Břinková

Participating countries: Bulgaria, Croatia, Czech Rep., Estonia, Germany, Italy, Portugal, Netherlands and Turkey

Please read the info-pack.

Hosting organisation: Beyoğlu District National Education Directorate with the cooperation of Istanbul Governor, Kasımpaşa High school, and Intercultural Club-Goethe Uni

Project report: 

I have always dreamed about visiting Frankfurt am Main. So, it was easy to decide while choosing the right project to participate in. The project was held from 15th to 18th of October and was organised by Turkish organisation (Beyoğlu District National Education Directorate). There were participants from Czech Republic, Germany, Turkey, Estonia, Italy and Bulgaria. The theme of this project was Youth Hands in Hands for Combating Drug and Substance Abuse and our goal was to learn and find out new information about different systems of prevention in our countries. This project was created for experts from this field who work with young addicted people or prevent them in school or NGO’s organisations.

We, participants, firstly met during our collective dinner where we could introduce ourselves and our organisations. The atmosphere was very friendly and open, so we became friends quickly. After that we went to enjoy night life in Frankfurt. We were accommodated in the hotel Lloyd and our room was shared with two other participants, so we could speak English the whole day (which is one of the best thing about this project).

We visited the NGO Fachstelle Prävention the next day. Two social workers told us what the German system of a drug abuse prevention is and what is the biggest problem – the alcohol. They showed us some of their materials they use while working with pupils in schools. We moved to Goethe Universität after that where we continued with presentation of our own organisations and where intercultural night was held. This was my favourite part of this project because the University is friendly and build in an interesting way.

We spent our third day in Wiesbaden which is the capital town of federal state Hesen. We met workers from the Ministry of Health there who told us about all the steps they do while combacting with drugs. We visited the Parlament as well. That was our last day of this project. We got new information and opinions on this theme and said good bye to each other.

Karolína Břinková

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