Youth Marketing Policy Makers for Sustainable Development (YouMUST) – Macedonia


Programme & action: ERASMUS+, Key Action 2: Capacity Building in the field of youth

Venue: Struga, Macedonia

Dates:  22 September – 1 October 2016

Participants: Michaela Šedová, Petra Popelářová

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Participating countries: Bulgaria; Croatia; Czech Republic; Ghana; Kyrgyzstan; Former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia (FYROM); Nepal, Poland; Romania; Slovakia and Slovenia

Hosting organisation: Association for research, education and development „Marketing Gate“ – Skopje.

Project report:

Stuga, a place to be! And we were there – on a training course which was held from the 22the of September till the 1st of October. On a project with a complicated name: Youth Marketing Policy Makers for Sustainable developemet which everybody remembers anyway just according to the shorten version: YouMUST! YouMUST became also very quoted phrase during the training which took place by the beautiful lake Ohrid, in Macedonia.

On the project, there were just two participants from each country (except of other european participants it was very interesting to meet people from Kyrgyzstan or Nepal!). How diffucult the topic of the project sounds, it was really great and we learned a lot of new informations from different areas. We were talking about sustainable developement and current problems in the world. There was some theoretical basic which forced us to think more about the topic. Our task was to discuss in groups and try to find a solution for concrete problems, create campaings.

Next days we spend with a trainer Chris. We concenrated on marketing and everything possible connected to this area. He shared his experience from the field and we tried (with his help) to create our own projects and describe the whole marketing process. With a trainer Minanda we focused on personal developement and personal charakteristics. It was also very enriching. We realized how difficult it is to cooperate sometimes in groups with different kind of personalities. We also tried to play a different charakteristics and were forced to think from the perspective of others.

On the project, great people met and a lot of new frienships began. In a cosy hotel, very close to the fascinating Ohrid lake, unforgetable memories were created. Thank you that I could be a part of it!

Michaela Šedová

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