Health and MovEU


Datum konání: 1.—8. září 2011

Místo konání: Lednice, Česká republika

Účastníci: 4 účastníci z každé národní skupiny + 1 group leader

Téma projektu: The main topic of the project is the implementation of basic guidelines of healthy living into everyday lives of today’s youngsters. In our busy modern times the youths don’t have enough time to practice sports or to eat healthy. That results into unhealthy lifestyle of our young generation. With our project we aim to improve this unhealthy lifestyle by showing the youngsters from all over Europe that they can implement healthy movement and food into their everyday schedule and have fun at the same time.
At the end of the project we want to make a brochure where we would sum up all the guidelines of how to live healthier so that other European nations could benefit from our project too.

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