Evropské centrum mládeže Břeclav
Evropské centrum mládeže Břeclav

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23. 9. 2019

Termín konání: 23. září - 1. říjen

Místo konání: Cornus, region Occitanie, Francie

Počet volných míst: 2. Přihlašte se co nejdříve.   

  Program a akce: program ERASMUS+, Klíčová akce 1: tréninkový kurz

Pokud máte zájem se na tento projekt přihlásit, prosím důkladně si přečtete info-packProsím zamyslete se, jak do tohoto projektu zapadáte vy (viz "participants' profile" níže). Pokud máte zájem se na tento projekt přihlásit, prosím odešlete vyplněnou přihlášku co nejdříve.

Pro to, abyste se na tento projekt přihlásili je nutné, abyste vlastnili nejen občanský průkaz (který musíte mít ze zákona), ale také platný cestovní pas (s platností min. ještě 150 dní od datumu začátku vámi vybraného projektu)


V rámci programu ERASMUS+ jsou následující finanční specifika: v rámci všech projektů je kompletně (ze 100%) zajištěno jídlo, ubytování, aktivity, a to vše je zcela pokryto z fondů EU programu ERASMUS+ a zařízeno organizátory. Účastníkům dále budou proplaceny cestovní náklady (reimbursement) do max. výše €275 (v případě tohoto projektu) z místa bydliště do místa konání projektu a zpět.


Věkový limit pro účastníky: 18+


Účastnící-se země: France, Italy, Greece, Czech Republic and Finland


Hostitelská organizace: Associacion Idées

Popis projektu: 

Training for activists in self managed social centers, squat and unformal places welcoming people for workshops, debates, projections and other activities.

IDEES (France) is happy to invite motivated activits, over than 18, from Italy, Greece, Czech Republic and Finland to join the training from the 23rd september 2019 to the 1st october 2019! 


Context, purpose and aims 


Through the implementation of this project we want to offer a space for meeting and discussion to people actively involved or planning to create autonomous spaces open to the public. We want to both give an audience to this type of project as involved in their territory, as a positive factor of local life. We also want to consider those places as elements to take into account when assessing the social impact of the actions of a geographical area and finally, as a form of resumption of power over civic life, both of those who are carrying the project of these places and of those who attend them punctually.  

The Collective of organizations who are carrying or involved on the project (Idées, Le Lieu dit and Relier) shares a space and associative actions, in what is called a Third Place. 

This sociological concept aims to define a social space, outside the home and workspace, which allows people to become involved in civic life and develop a sense of belonging. 

For example, the Third Places can take the form of associative cafés, which at the same time accommodate work spaces, leisure activities, meeting places between parents .... The "common life" of the Third Place regularly raises issues of sharing political, economic and militant values but also of sharing space with different uses and the social impact of such actions on the territories. We wish to exchange with other European actors on these questions and to find an economic and social model adaptable to the contexts of the partner associations. 


We want to initiate a reflection on a European scale by:  

  • giving concrete project management tools to invent innovative forms of Third Places organisation
  • creating a network of mutual support and solidarity between people and structures involved in the Third Places in Europe
  • concerning the notion of self-managed shared spaces as social actors of the territory
  • opening the debate on the question of the function of third places


Participants' profile


Participants should: 

  • Be able to express themselves in Engish
  • Be activist of places and ideas like described above, be at the beggining of a project like this and looking for support and advices
  • Be inclined to involve themselves in a intercultural experience and actively participate at the activity proposed, even propose themselves activity
  • Have the will to share the experience with other members of the place in which they are involved, the project about to come and the sending organization 


Food and accomodation are provided by the organization Idées who is carrying the project.

We will be located in a rural place, a village named Cornus, 1h hour far from Montpellier, 2h30 from Toulouse by car.

We will be hosted in a cottage that will be just for us, with bathrooms and kitchenette. The dormitory will be collectives.

The surrounding area is natural, with a river that we can reach by foot and natural places to hik but we are also close to little grocery stores and bakeries.

Zobrazeno: 573 x