Evropské centrum mládeže Břeclav
Evropské centrum mládeže Břeclav

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6. 9. 2019

Termín konání: 6.-13. září

Místo konání: Woodstown, County Waterford, Irsko

Počet volných míst: 2. Přihlašování do: 18. července.   

Program a akce: program ERASMUS+, Klíčová akce 1: tréninkový kurz

Pokud máte zájem se na tento projekt přihlásit, prosím důkladně si přečtete infopack. Prosím zamyslete se, jak do tohoto projektu zapadáte vy. Pokud máte zájem se na tento projekt přihlásit, prosím odešlete vyplněnou přihlášku do 18. července.

Pro to, abyste se na tento projekt přihlásili je nutné, abyste vlastnili nejen občanský průkaz (který musíte mít ze zákona), ale také platný cestovní pas (s platností min. ještě 150 dní od datumu začátku vámi vybraného projektu)


V rámci programu ERASMUS+ jsou následující finanční specifika: v rámci všech projektů je kompletně (ze 100%) zajištěno jídlo, ubytování, aktivity, a to vše je zcela pokryto z fondů EU programu ERASMUS+ a zařízeno organizátory. Účastníkům dále budou proplaceny cestovní náklady (reimbursement) do max. výše €275 (v případě tohoto projektu) z místa bydliště do místa konání projektu a zpět.


Věkový limit pro účastníky: 18+


Účastnický poplatek (vybírá si ho samotná hostitelská organizace): €50/účastník 


Účastnící-se země: Estonia, Belgium, Romania, Jordan, Spain, Czech Republic, Germany, Armenia and Ireland


Hostitelská organizace: Waterford & South Tipperary Community Youth Service

Popis projektu: 


Visualise the Invisible

A Training Course for Youth Workers to Improve Skills  through the Power of Labyrinth Theatre

Background and Theme of the Project

Europe is divided. Between the East and the West, the North and the South, different groups are spitting fire at each other and at the European Union. Populism is on the rise with its easy answers and emotional appeal – it’s always the fault of the ‘other’! Waves of migrants fleeing wars and economic deprivation are pouring into Europe looking for some small measure of stability and a better life. 

Young people who are in their teens and early twenties have grown up in the teeth of the Great Recession, and have faced challenges throughout their young lives. These young people are the future of Europe and they are faced every day with radicalization, division, hate speech and the erection of physical, mental and emotional barriers. 

How to ensure that these young people are listened to and included in democratic society is a challenge that Europe must embrace. This challenge of how to create a safe and inclusive Europe is a high priority in the Erasmus+ program: “Europe needs more cohesive and inclusive societies which allow citizens to play an active role in democratic life. Education and youth work are key to promoting common European values, fostering social integration, enhancing intercultural understanding, and creating a sense of belonging to a community, thus preventing violent radicalization. Erasmus+ is an effective instrument in promoting the inclusion of people with disadvantaged backgrounds.” 

Youth work is a vital tool to bring young people in from the cold, to connect them with society, and to develop the self-esteem and self-confidence that empowers young people to choose their own paths in life. Youth work is ‘planned, informal education’, and youth workers engage and build relationships with some of the most vulnerable young people in Europe starting where the young people are at in their lives. It is creative and innovative, responding flexibly and imaginatively where the solutions are not immediately obvious as young people address the complex challenges of their own lives.

The focus of this Training Course is to develop the capabilities and self-awareness of Youth workers so that they can work with young people at a deeper, more beneficial level, providing support and help as young people develop.

This Course looks at the stages before the problems start, using the methodology of Labyrinth Theatre, which is a proven, effective method to detect feelings, values and senses under the surface. It can be utilized as a preventative tool by stimulating feelings and commitments on a deeper level, which can help to avoid exclusion and isolation.

This European project is an opportunity to examine and reflect upon the issues around inclusion from different perspectives, to learn from different countries and cultures by sharing knowledge about new ways of working, and to clarify ideas around a common understanding of inclusion. It will also help to build a wider and better European network to tackle the challenges around how to be more inclusive within Europe.

Overall Aim

The overall aim of the Training Course is to improve the self-awareness and self-confidence of Youth workers from across Europe so that they can support the young people that they work with and can guide them in their learning process as full, authentic people. The Course participants will do this through the development of a learning toolkit which they can use with their own young people in their own countries after the Course.


  • To support youth workers to become more aware of themselves, thus enabling them to make conscious choices and decisions that fit with the core of their identity and their goals in life
  • To dive deeper into, and really experience concepts such as resilience, confidence, vulnerability, empathy and creativity
  • To frame a learning process where youth workers feel commitment and inclusion by sharing and experience
  • To provide youth workers with tools to support a deep connection with young people they work with
  • To include local people with the effective method of Labyrinth Theatre and spread this around
  • To share tools and methods from across Europe, and to inspire the participants to implement similar learning processes after the Training Course for their own target groups
  •  To reflect on their own learning process by using the Key Competences from the Youth Pass, and giving the opportunity for capacity building in the context of the Erasmus+ Program.

Profile of the Participants:

Participants will be youth workers, project leaders and educators involved in youth work. The participants will have a multiplier role - in other words: they will adapt what they learn in this training course to their own context of working with young people. In their future projects and daily work they can incorporate tools, methods and theories which they have learned during this Training Course. They can also use their personal learning and development in their daily work with their own target groups.

This Training Course will be an emotionally challenging project for trainers and trainees. That’s why we expect from trainees at all times to the best of their abilities to…

… be fully committed to the process - to reflect, share, experience and participate in all activities

… keep a clear mind, that is neither intoxicated nor distracted

… have taken care of important personal and professional matters beforehand, so that these do not intervene with the Training Course (being completely present with the group)

… be on time for all of the deadlines, sessions and appointments

… challenge themselves to step out of their comfort zones

… be willing to look into themselves and reflect on their professional and private life

… join us on an intensive, immersive and unforgettable journey


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