Human Library and Diversity — Velká Británie


Termín konání: 14.-21. května 2012

Místo konání: Londýn, Velká Británie

Účastníci: Věra Žemličková, Petr Šandera.

O projektu:

The main goal of the project is to support youth workers and other practitioners working directly with young people in the field of social inclusion and diversity by offering them tools to take action(esspecially Human Library).
Participants of the workshop will:
·         Acquire new skills and knowledge about diversity
·          Will be equipped with  different tools to make their work more inclusive and to take action in the diversity and intercultural learning field
·         Have the chance to plan, implement and evaluate an innovative method – Human Library
·         Be able to implement intercultural perspective in their work and in their everyday reality
·         Develop a proactive and assertive attitude to diversity and cultural differences
·         Develop new international partnerships and cooperation
·         Have a greater understanding of intercultural learning as a powerful tool to create tolerance.
The workshop is based on experiential learning – during the learning process participants will explore different methods in the field of diversity and especially will have the chance to analyze, plan, simulate and evaluate a Human Library. The workshop will be build on the participants learning needs and expectations and use as many participative tools.
The working language: English
 The main target groups of this workshop are adult people (defined as over 18 years) that have a genuine interest in diversity field and especially lean how to implement a Human Library in their community (Volunteers, Students, Project Coordinators, Facilitators, Consultants, Journalists, Educator, etc).

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