The future of the European Union — the desire of young Europeans — Polsko


Datum konání: 1. – 9. srpna 2010

Místo konání: Wroclaw, Polsko

Pořadatel: Semper Avanti Association

Věkový limit: 17 – 25 let

Účastnický poplatek: 25 euro

Počet účastníků: 4+1 group leader

Účastníci: Michal Žižlavský (group leader), Jana Parolková, Tomáš Havelka, Martina Dvořáková, Jana Gonšenicová

Téma projektu: Jak vyplývá už z názvu, jde o simulaci evropského parlamentu. Další informace od organizátorů jsou uvedeny níže:

In short: We are organizing a simulation of the EU Parliament complimented with discussions and meeting with interesting people (i.e.: Euro-parliament Member). In addition, of course, a lot of fun, a bit of sightseeing and loads of  international atmosphere.

Subject matter: The aim of our project is to interest young people in European issues by bringing the functioning of the European Parliament institutions, its structures, relationships and relationships with other EU institutions, as well as promotion of active participation in the elections at the EU level and to encourage active participation in public life.

This aim will be achieved by simulating the debates of this institution in national groups and also political groups. In addition, the simulation will also consider people representing European Commission, and the media – it can help to present the complexity of decisions making in the EU institutions.

Thanks to the work of international and intercultural teams, young participants in the project will have the opportunity to establish close relationships with friends from other countries and develop their language skills, which will prepare them for future active participation in the European labor market.

The main subject of the meeting will be discussion on topics related to the future of the European Union in the viewpoint of young people, their vision of development and expression their views on issues that are most important to them. Youth will work in a number of task groups.

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