Let’s Dare the Inner Journey: From Self to Us — Francie


ERASMUS+, Klíčová akce 1: tréninkový kurz

Místo konání: La Chaudière, Francie

Termín konání: 6.—17. listopad 2023

Český tým: 2 účastníci

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Hostitelská organizace: Rapugada

Report z projektu:

I went to this project to find a new inspiration for my youth work. Im also in the middle of preparing the program of trainings for young footballers, based on non-formal education methodology and on this level this project gave me some inspiration. It was also nice to see completely different way of working, since im working with the same people all the time. I also learned a lot how not to make projects, it was an interesting lesson for me to see how you can fall with the project even when you have the best group of participants that you could possibly imagine. It also confirmed my thoughts that facilitator without an understandable, communicative English is not able to run a project.


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