Let’s Dare the Inner Journey: From Self to Us — Francie


ERASMUS+, Klíčová akce 1: tréninkový kurz

Místo konání: La Chaudière, Francie

Termín konání: 6.—17. listopad 2023

Český tým: 2 účastníci

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Hostitelská organizace: Rapugada

Report z projektu:


„I learned that Theatre of the Oppressed is a powerful tool for community dialogue, conflict resolution, and social transformation, and has been used all over the world to address a wide range of social issues, including poverty, racism, and violence. I learned that Theatre of the Oppressed can be a valuable tool for individuals and communities who are working to create a more just and equitable world. Theatre of the Oppressed is a participatory form of theatre, which means that the audience is not just passive spectators. They are actively involved in the performance, and they can even become actors themselves. Theatre of the Oppressed is a safe space for people to explore difficult issues. The performance is a way of making these issues concrete and real so that people can see them from different perspectives. Theatre of the Oppressed is a tool for social change. The performance can help people understand the root causes of oppression, and it can inspire them to take action to change their own lives and the lives of others. I am grateful for the opportunity to have learned about Theatre of the Oppressed. I believe that it is a powerful tool that can be used to make the world a better place.

The immersive workshops provided a practical platform to hone my Theatre of the Oppressed facilitation skills, immersing me in the techniques of Forum Theatre, Legislative Theatre, and Image Theatre. Each technique unveiled a unique dimension of Theatre of the Oppressed transformative potential, enabling me to facilitate engaging workshops that sparked dialogue, challenged perspectives, and ignited a collective desire for positive change.

Engaging with diverse communities through Theatre of the Oppressed workshops proved to be a humbling and rewarding experience. Witnessing the transformative power of Theatre of the Oppressed firsthand, I observed individuals shedding their inhibitions, embracing their voices, and collectively envisioning alternative realities. The palpable sense of empowerment and collective agency was a testament to the Theatre of the Oppressed ability to foster community healing and social transformation.

Introspective techniques, such as the Rainbow of Desire, the Cop in the Head, and the Analytical Image, provided invaluable tools for self-reflection and personal growth. These techniques enabled me to examine my own biases, identify my role in perpetuating oppressive structures, and cultivate a deeper understanding of my agency in creating a more just world.

Throughout this journey, I developed a profound appreciation for Theatre of the Oppressed transformative power. It is a tool that not only empowers individuals but also strengthens communities, fostering dialogue, empathy, and collective action. As I carry the lessons of Theatre of the Oppressed forward, I am committed to utilizing its transformative power to create a more just and equitable world, where every individual has the opportunity to thrive.“


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