Walk in Our Shoes — Inclusive City Adventure — Maďarsko


Program: Visegrádský fond

Termíny konání:

  • Pécs, Maďarsko, 14.—16. květen 2024
  • Poznaň, Polsko, 15.—17. červenec 2024
  • Vrchlabí, ČR, 19.—20. srpen 2024

Partneři projektu: People First Hungary (beneficiary), SOWELO Foundation (Poland) and EYCB (Czech Republic)

Prosím podívejte se na oficiální stránku projektu zde: https://peoplefirst.hu/en/blog-post/walk-in-our-shoes-international-v4-project/

Report z projektu:

Walk in Our Shoes – Inclusive City Adventure

First Hidden City Tour – Pécs, Hungary, 14—16 May 2024

It was our priviledge to be part of the first Hidden City Tour in Pécs, Hungary 🇭🇺 which was developled as a part of the Visegrad-funded „Walk in Our Shoes“ Project.

📅 In the dates 14 and 16 May 2024, the youth workers of People First – HU hosted our team and a team from 🇵🇱 Fundacja Sowelo in beautiful Pécs, Hungary as part of the V4-funded project „Walk in Our Shoes – Inclusive city adventure“ which aims at making cities more inclusive to all people, regardless of their (dis)ability.

During these three days the Czech 🇨🇿 and Polish 🇵🇱 teams had the chance to discover the beauty of Pécs in an accessible way to all, under the guidance of the 🇭🇺Hungarian beneficiary: People First – HU.

👩‍🏫 During this visit, both the Polish and the Czech teams took the opportunity to present their own Hidden City Tours preparation progress. The tours will take place in beautiful Poznan, Poland 🇵🇱 in July 2024 and in gorgeous Vrchlabí, Czech Republic 🇨🇿 in August 2024.

The realisation of this project is only possible through the kind co-financing of the Visegrad Fund (Czech Republic, Hungary, Poland and Slovakia). The mission of the Program is to support ideas for sustainable regional cooperation in Central Europe.

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