Move Forward — Polsko


ERASMUS+, Klíčová akce 1: výměna mládeže

Termín konání výměny mládeže: 9.—17. červenec 2022

Místo konání: Rabka-Zdrój, Polsko

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Účastnící se země: Polsko, ČR, Francie, Lotyšsko, Kypr, Řecko

Hostitelská organizace: Europe4Youth

Český tým: Monika Sladká (GL), David Stehlík, Filipp Lomakin, Tomáš Kabát, Emma Petrů

Report z projektu: 

I had the amazing opportunity to participate in a „moving“, life-changing project in Poland, Rabka – Zdroj. Our team consisting of four Czech and one Slovak participant took part in the program Moving Forward starting on the 9th of July and finishing (to us it felt like it was too soon) on the 17th of July. We were not the only ones there, this amazing experience was made with people from Hungary, Latvia, France, Poland, and Cyprus.

We lived in a beautiful town and even prettier residence, which brought everybody an instant feeling of relaxation and happiness. Our organiser Barbara prepared activities that helped us get to know others and create an amazing environment where everybody felt safe and welcome. Then we started to explore our inner self and our group through movement and dancing with the astonishing help of our movement psychotherapist Adriana. We learnt to find our own journey and supported each other in a way that was needed. At the end of the day, we shared our feelings in reflection groups.

The project didn’t only help us with learning about ourselves, but also about other countries and their culture! All the time, but especially when we had our daily meals you’d learn new traditions, interesting facts, exchange your native vocabulary, sometimes even hear new songs, and of course enjoy jokes from other countries! There were also official events in the project, intercultural nights, for countries to present themselves through videos, presentations, kahoots, traditional dances… and food! Thanks to this we could compare our similarities and differences and appreciate new lifestyles. 

We also got the opportunity to explore more of Poland itself! One day we went hiking in Polish Tatra mountains, in the city Zakopane. The trip was very convenient to the theme of the project – we moved a lot! But even the steepest tracks and rocky climbing were worth the clean air and breath-taking view! There we all truly felt a strong connection to our community and nature. We supported each other on the trickier paths and shared beautiful moments. 

In the last days of the program, we focused on our journey, what steps have we made, where we are now, and where we are heading. In groups of approximately 5 people, we set up a movement show to express our journey with the help of our teammates. The stories we told with our bodies were moving and made many shed a tear or two, with the last story shared, we all joined and danced together. It was an emotional ending to the project and our collective journey, it felt right.

Overall, I am grateful for being able to take part in Moving Forward, it is an unforgettable project I’ll carry in my heart forever. The amazing insight into my inner self and the magical community helped me grow in many ways and I can claim with confidence that I am not the only one. Thanks to Barbara and all the participants for sharing more with movement than we ever could with words.

With love,

                                                                                                                       Monika Sladká

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