Nevo Parudimos — Rumunsko


Program, akce: Evropský sbor solidarity (ESC) — dobrovolnické týmy

Termín konání: 29. červen—25. srpen 2024

Místo konání: Reșița, Rumunsko

Prosím důkladně si přečtěte info-pack.

Deadline přihlašování: co nejdříve. Pokud máte zájem se tohoto dobrovolnictví zúčastnit, je nutné poslat svůj motivační dopis a životopis (obojí v angličtině) v jednom emailu na tyto dvě adresy: [email protected] & [email protected] (= jeden email dva příjemci).

Pro tvorbu životopisu a motivačního dopisu doporučujeme použít EuroPass.

Hostitelská organizace: Nevo Parudimos

Popis dobrovolnické příležitosti:


The volunteers will take part in the following activities:

  • Volunteer Fair: promotion of the organisation, volunteering and mobility opportunities in EU;
  • Cleaning actions and environmental protection campaigns;
  • Painting walls in a local kindergarten;
  • Involvement in local Festivals, concerts and cultural events (preparation, promotion, cleaning, presence at our stand);
  • Media team (5 people): social media activities, creating promotional materials (video, posters etc.).

Volunteer’s profile:

  • aged between 18 and 30
  • flexible, open-minded, tolerant, communicative
  • with experience as local volunteer
  • willing to work in teams
  • creative and initiative
  • experienced in painting walls / street art
  • experienced in campaigning / support local events
  • ready to fight against exclusion, prejudices and stereotypes
  • at least having beginner level of English knowledge


Reșița is a mountain town of about 58 thousand people located in the south western part of Romania. Three centuries ago, the first furnace was opened in the city. From then on Reșița became a major industrial center all the way until today. Reșița lays in the middle of Banat Mountains. Therefore, to live in Resita means having greenery and mountains in your sight at any time, while still enjoying the perks of urban life.

The reality in Reșița is that when it comes to youth work and volunteering at the local level, we could do better. Motivation in youngsters is rather low, as volunteering is not considered a very pragmatic (or financially rewarding) occupation. That’s why through these months we have high hopes that we can actually bring some change in the lives of the people in the community.

We wish to motivate those who are willing to see change at local level, cooperate with the local youngsters and show them our work.


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