You(th) Enter to the Business — Maďarsko


ERASMUS+, Klíčová akce 1: tréninkový kurz

Místo konání: Szeged, Maďarsko

Termín konání: 2.—9. říjen 2023

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Hostitelská organizace: YOPA NGO

Report z projektu:

My Erasmus+ Training Course Experience in Szeged, Hungary
I’m excited to share my remarkable experience attending the Erasmus+ training course “You(th) Enter to the business” in the beautiful city of Szeged, Hungary. This picturesque city, known for its rich culture and history, provided the perfect backdrop for a course that would broaden our horizons and deepen our understanding of youth policy and social rights.
Our diverse group of participants hailed from various countries, including Czechia, the UK, Cyprus, Hungary, Finland, Italy, Spain, Portugal, and Lithuania. This international gathering added a unique dimension to the course as we brought our different perspectives and experiences to the table.
Themes and Objectives:
“You(th) Enter to the business” – training course on increasing cooperation among youth, social and public sector based on Enter!
Recommendation in order to support young people from disadvantaged neighbourhoods entering at labour market. The training course revolved around themes related to the development of youth policy and youth work responses to exclusion, discrimination, and violence affecting young people, particularly in multicultural disadvantaged neighborhoods.
During this course, I aimed to achieve specific learning objectives:
To gain a deep understanding of the Enter! Recommendation and explore how to apply it in my local context.
To analyze and reflect on strategies for implementing the Enter! Recommendation, especially in the context of promoting access to employment and preventing early school leaving among young people.
To foster better dialogue and cooperation among youth workers, youth leaders, and youth policy makers.
To develop local and international youth projects based on the Enter! Recommendations, aimed at supporting employability and preventing early school leaving among young people.
The training course was designed around a non-formal educational methodology, making it engaging, hands-on, and participatory. The program was tailored to our specific needs and expectations, and our experienced trainers ensured that we actively applied what we learned.
The course encouraged us to put our newfound knowledge into practice right away. This approach allowed us to witness the immediate impact of the Enter! Recommendation in real-world situations. It was a transformative educational experience that transcended traditional classroom settings.
Our diverse group of participants included youth workers and leaders committed to make a difference in the lives of young people from culturally diverse or marginalized backgrounds. Our shared goal was to support each other in our local and European youth work, focusing on preventing early school leaving and youth unemployment.
In addition to youth workers and leaders, the course also welcomed community leaders, educators, trainers, facilitators, social workers, and youth policy makers. This diversity enriched our discussions and broadened our perspectives on how to apply the Enter! Recommendation in our daily work with young people.
Participating in this Erasmus+ training course in Szeged, Hungary, was a transformative experience. It was an opportunity to gain a profound understanding of the challenges young people face and the policies that can make a difference.
This experience is one that I’ll carry with me throughout my career in youth work. It has given me the tools to contribute to the development of my local community and support young people in need. I’m now better equipped to work towards preventing early school leaving and youth unemployment, guided by the Enter! Recommendation and the knowledge I gained during this international training.
In the end, it wasn’t just a course—it was a chance to be part of a meaningful global movement dedicated to create more inclusive and supportive environments for young people, especially in disadvantaged neighborhoods.

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