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Evropské centrum mládeže Břeclav

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Termín konání: 24. srpen - 1. září

Místo konání: Altamura, Itálie

Projekt je plně obsazen. Můžete se hlásit jako náhradníci.  

Program a akce: program ERASMUS+, Klíčová akce 1: výměna mládeže

Pokud máte zájem se na tento projekt přihlásit na pozici účastníka, prosím důkladně si přečtete info-pack a rozpis denních aktivit. Důkladně se zamyslete nad tím, jak do projektu zapadáte vy (viz "participants' profile" níže). Přihlašování bylo uzavřeno 11. června. Pokud máte zájem se na tento projekt přihlásit, prosím odešlete svou přihlášku.

Věkový limit pro group leadera: 18+

Věkový limit pro účastníky: 18-25

Pro to, abyste se na tento projekt přihlásili je nutné, abyste vlastnili nejen občanský průkaz (který musíte mít ze zákona), ale také platný cestovní pas (s platností min. ještě 150 dní od datumu začátku vámi vybraného projektu)

V rámci programu ERASMUS+ jsou následující finanční specifika: v rámci všech projektů je kompletně (ze 100%) zajištěno jídlo, ubytování, aktivity, a to vše je zcela pokryto z fondů EU programu ERASMUS+ a zařízeno organizátory. Účastníkům dále budou proplaceny cestovní náklady (reimbursement) ve výši max. €275 z místa bydliště do místa konání projektu a zpět.

Hostitelská organizace: Ri-puliamoci

Účastníci se země: ČR, Itálie, Řecko, Maďarsko, Litva

Popis projektu: 

The Earth our Home. Nature already has all we need. Yet we as mankind fail to take care of these gifts. That’s why we want to carry out this project: to raise awareness in society on environmental issues in order to promote eco-sustainable development.

The main activity of the project is a Youth Exchange in which 32 young people from 5 countries will meet and will spend together 9 days in total (including arrival and departure days) in Altamura, a town of 70.000 people located in Apulia, a region in the South East of Italy.

All the activities will be related to the project’s topic and objectives. The methodology that will be used is based upon non-formal education methods: first we will get to know each other, then we will participate in workshops using arts, music, theatre, debates, etc. as a tool for learning.

One of the main results of the project will be an eco-friendly greenhouse made of recycled materials that we will build together during the Youth Exchange.

Participants' profile:

  • interpersonal and communication skills; a positive and supporting attitude; team spirit; coordinating, facilitating and planning skills; experience in volunteering (desirable, not compulsory), non-formal education and youth work.
  • Furthermore, participants should have at least an average level of English (or above)


We have found a very nice venue for the Youth Exchange, about 7 km outside Altamura.
Unluckily enough, we don't have any pictures (yet), so we will do our best to describe it: there are three houses very close to each other where people will sleep in comfortable bunk beds. We will have enough space to make rooms without problem keeping male and female separated.

There are a few common bathrooms in these houses. Then there is another house with a big room/hall where we can eat, have coffe breaks and some activities and there is another smaller house – which actually is (or was?) a church – that we could still use somehow. We will be able to use kitchen and participants will as well (e.g. if they need so for their intercultural nights). Moreover, we have a lot of space outside, including an open space between the houses, a small pine groove behind the sleeping houses and also a field (for sports). So, a lot of possibilities! :)

About food, we are planning to have some people to cook (professionals and/or volunteers), our aim is to have healthy food as much as we can. Of course being in Italy pasta and pizza will not be missing :)

We will make further visits, hopefully also during the APV so that the leaders will be able to see the place themselves :) in the last version of the infopack (which we will probably issue after the APV), all the final information will be mentioned.

 about accommodation:

  • No bed linen nor towels will be provided: each participant should be responsible for bringing their own.
  • There is NO Wi-Fi in the structure. Since we could really use some for some activities as well as online check-ins, etc., we will try to rent some portable device to solve the issue. Also in this case, though, it would be very limited, so it's important that participants will be ready to face a wi-fi free Youth Exchange.

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