Evropské centrum mládeže Břeclav
Evropské centrum mládeže Břeclav

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Termín konání: 3.-13. listopad

Místo konání: Osterholz-Scharmbeck, Německo, Brusel, Belgie, Brémy, Německo

Počet volných míst: 1. Přihlašte se co nejdříve.   

Program a akce: program ERASMUS+, Klíčová akce 1: Výměna mládeže

Pokud máte zájem se na tento projekt přihlásit, prosím důkladně si přečtete info-pack. Prosím zamyslete se, jak do tohoto projektu zapadáte vy (viz Participants' profile níže). Pokud máte zájem se na tento projekt přihlásit, prosím odešlete vyplněnou přihlášku co nejdříve

Během tohoto projektu proběhnou čtyři různé části - viz níže.

Pro to, abyste se na tento projekt přihlásili je nutné, abyste vlastnili nejen občanský průkaz (který musíte mít ze zákona), ale také platný cestovní pas (s platností min. ještě 150 dní od datumu začátku vámi vybraného projektu)

V rámci programu ERASMUS+ jsou následující finanční specifika: v rámci všech projektů je kompletně (ze 100%) zajištěno jídlo, ubytování, aktivity, a to vše je zcela pokryto z fondů EU programu ERASMUS+ a zařízeno organizátory. Účastníkům dále budou proplaceny cestovní náklady (reimbursement) ve výši €275 (v případě tohoto projektu) z místa bydliště do místa konání projektu a zpět.

Hostitelská organizace: NaturKultur e.V.

Účastnický poplatek (vybírají si ho samotní organizátoři): €35/účastník

Věkový limit pro účastníky: 18-26

Věkový limit pro group leadera: 18+

Účastnící se země: Hungary, Italy, Czech Republic, Spain, Lithuania, Greece and Germany.

Popis projektu:  

Welcome to the “EU – Between the Challenges and Benefits”, multinational Erasmus+ youth exchange of 50 young people, 18-30 years old that come from 7 different European countries, which are some of the biggest EU sceptics and the EU supporters - Hungary, Italy, Czech Republic, Spain, Lithuania, Greece and Germany.

This project represents the follow-up inspired by “EU: to be or not to be“, which we organized one year ago. After great feedback of participant and amazing outcomes on all levels, we believe we did great job and we do not want to stop. NaturKultur continues to encourage young people to take actions and build our Europe of future grounded on principles of friendship, altruism and unity!

Political discussions are not reserved for politicians and bureaucrats only – they belong to each of us, that is why we do what we do and that is why YOU are here!

Goals and agenda:

One of the strategic goals of NaturKultur is to increase awareness among youth about European values and citizenship, while we encourage young people to take proactive role in the processes in their local communities. We want young people to be informed, and what is more important – to get inspired to be actively involved in our European future! We are in particular moved by recent happenings and debates in Europe: migrant crisis, borders issues, Brexit, enlargement, rise of right-wing political parties and endangered human rights. We do not want to solely watch what is going on, but instead to say loudly what we think and whenever possible – to act!

The goals of this project are the following:

  • To give an opportunity to young people to learn about the different EU institutions, EU rights, and EU processes;
  • To exchange opinions with European politicians and policy makers;
  • To talk about the future of Europe, including how to overcome the challenges and which are the benefits of being in the EU (such as free movement, etc.);
  • To empower youngsters to get engaged in politics of their local communities and countries;
  • To spread messages of democracy, solidarity, altruism, friendship and unity.

The project will be divided into several parts:

  1.  Exchange in Osterholz-Scharmbeck, Germany, where the young people will learn, debate, discuss in round tables, watch movies, act, paint, present and create other informal education activities with aim of forming attitudes and offering concrete solutions for EU challenges.
  2. Study visit to the heart of the EU - Brussels, when participants will meet EU representatives and discuss about EU challenges, decision making and possible solutions. This will be very important political experience where young people can break prejudices about politics and decide to be more politically free and open.
  3. Global village and panel discussion in Bremen which will be an event where the youngsters will set up stands and promote the diversity of European cultures in the center of Bremen. The young people will organize quizzes, games and exchange opinions about EU issues with local German citizens. We will also invite politicians to debate and to answer questions with the young people about the future of Europe.
  4. Sending messages to politicians. The young people will write political messages to their local and national politicians. They will express what they as young Europeans think about European topics, asking politicians to do more for the Europe of future.

Participants' profile:

Participants of this youth exchange are people that are interested in the EU, discussing politics, sharing experiences with their peers from other countries, talking about difficult issues in the EU such as immigration, refugees, shared policies, but also talking about things such as sharing values, economic freedom, the freedom of movement and so on. The youngsters should speak good English since it will be a lot of workshops with debating, panels, talking, presentations and so on.

Participants are expected to take active role in the program, to respect political and other views of others, to create friendly atmosphere, to work harmonically in team and to give their best to spread around the messages we create.

Special attention should paid to the global village action in Bremen. It would be advisable to each group to get ready in advance for this. Please do your best to create quiz (with cultural, historical, political etc. questions about the country you come from and also about the EU), to prepare stories and also some materials (flags, leaflets about your country/town, cookies, drinks etc.) that you would like to share with local people of Germany during the action.

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